Late Hunter's Moon, Part 2 (182)

Late Hunter's Moon Update, Part 2. The Hunter waits, within a deeper and more twisting clinic.


  • Completely overhauled world generation. Many of the same rooms, but longer pathways through areas, and better behavior between rooms.
  • Reworked enemy spawn: new generation exposed predictable failures. These failures have been since purged.
  • Slope behavior reworked again: even more safety compliance.
  • Added vaulting movement: double tap up to climb into vents.
  • Weapon UI reworked for clarity.
  • All enemy health values have been rebalanced to account for larger numbers.
  • Cleaner glows, more splatters, and more feedback to let you know when you're hurt.
  • Fixed soft-lock related with pausing on an elevator.


  • Three additional room types: storage room, medbay, and server room. The Djehut Clinic begins to take definite form.
  • A new obstacle awaits at the end of the Djehut Clinic...and something beyond?

Still Broken:

  • You can still fling yourself through walls with the Magslug upgrade node.
  • It is possible to soft-lock when you deal so much damage that waves never end.

There will be another update soon, and some more merch on the webshop. In the meantime, thanks again, and please enjoy this late part 2 update.


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Feb 02, 2021

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