At one point there was a proper changelog. However, it got crazy long. Here's a quick rundown:


  • Do you like upgrades? How about collecting upgrades? Great, because now there's both.
    • All upgrades have been removed from the shop.
    • A new shop that lets you place upgrades in a grid has been added.
  • Melee attack changed to be more high-speed silly.
  • Glue stuns an enemy. Goo is easier to set on fire.
  • Player can now crouch, crawl, and free aim.
Level Generation:
  • Added three (that's 3!) new enemy types.
  • Tweaked tile generation. There shouldn't be any more visual seams.
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs, and added ramp rooms! You will come to hate them as much as I do.

And a bunch of other stuff!


If you find bugs, please report them. There are a few known ones that aren't important enough to fix such as:

  • Stacking damage nodes with a magslug node can eventually fling the player through walls.
  • Stacking damage nodes with the sword stun slow can eventually fling enemies through walls.
  • And other upgrade based bugs!
However, these bugs are hilarious. Any bugs found that actively prevent gameplay without the player expecting I will go back and fix.

I think that's everything! With all that said, please enjoy the game, and thank you for coming! -Josh



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Sep 17, 2017

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