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This is EpicHouse Studios' entry for the GDL Intro to the September Game Jam. The theme for this game jam was AI. This was made over the course of two days by two people in a custom engine. When judging, please take into account the amount of developers and development time.


The emphasis here was to show how different the same type of enemy can feel with just a different personality behind it. There were 3 different personalities developed for this demo:

The first is the vanguard. As its name would suggest, this AI rushes straight for the player. Giving no regard to its own well-being, it rams into the player while firing its guns. The lack of self-preservation also makes them easy to target, but there are always other ships to look out for.

The mob personality tries to maintain a distance from the player. As soon as its within that distance, it switches its movement patterns to circle around the player. Then it will take pot shots at the player. One or two of these guys may not pose a huge risk, but a large group of them can quickly surround you and take you down.

The last and least-functioning personality is the scout, more accurately described as the spaz. It was originally designed to spread out and focus on tracking the player. However, it appears to enjoy going to a destination and flying around in circles.

The inspiration for this approach came from the game CounterStrike: Global Offensive. Even though everyone can use the same equipment and has the same base character, role specialization is important. Thus, the enemy ships are all the same, but the different personalities behind the AI can make them feel different.


These game jams are supposedly meant to improve one's skills. The main focus is AI, but personally, as a person in the field with graphics programming, the better choice is to learn more modern OpenGL techniques.

While I did take part in suggestions and working on the AI, I was focused much more on rendering the AI and providing a stable sandbox for it. I dove into books and wikis over the weekend, and the result is a very rudimentary renderer that lets more than 1000 enemies on screen at once while maintaining framerate, using instanced rendering in a deferred pipeline.

One of the hugest challenges was getting the engine itself prepared for release. At the start of it, I thought it was fully ready. Many will realize very quickly that it still isn't - but I personally am fairly proud of it.

Beyond that, I mostly poked the AI being built and found interesting behaviors. When there was a behavior that created a cool effect, such as the mob personality's tendency to, at a distance, create a formation like an angry swarm of bees.

All in all, this was a very good experience and learned quite a bit. Making the AIs come to "life" was an absolute blast.


WASD + Control + Space: 6 directional movement
Tab: Boost forward
Shift: Hold to strafe
LMB: Fire weapon
RMB: Toggle between machine guns, plasma tracer, and rockets.

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Published 1 year ago
TagsPhysics, Space

Install instructions

Extract the zip file and run the lonely EXE!

There is currently an issue with NVidia drivers. The game may not run on any Nvidia drivers from the past few years.


CloudComputing.zip (17 MB)

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